THEPOD:bio:brian d. kelly

vital statistics

real name: brian d. kelly
born: may.29.1969
place of birth: parma.OH
sign: gemini
occupation: designer/artist
location: cleveland.OH [eastlake, to be exact]
shoe size: 11
high school: berea high school.class of 1987
college: art institute of ft. lauderdale.class of 1998


not so vital statistics [these lists are always growing]

likes : monkeys, robots, velveeta cheese, pearl jam, bacon, running with sharp objects, radiohead, trivia games, nudity, nude trivia games, sports, chaos, nine inch nails, xBox, salvo beta, on the road, bbq chicken wings, fire, water, my dogs and cats, fight club, the last 20 laps of a nascar race, spring, fender telecaster guitars.

dislikes : terrorism [obvious], the fact that apple doesn't make final cut pro for the pc, war in the name of religion [war for any reason, while i'm at it], people that hate other people based on their race/creed/sexual preference, false friendship.