praystation : joshua davis' website. one really cool and gifted guy.

surfstation : i visit this site more than any other. thomas brodahl is gifted.

gmunk : bradley is a design/motion graphics freak...and i mean that in a nice way.

abnormalbehaviorchild : nico stumpo is the man.

rustboy : brian taylor's rustboy movie is going to kick ass when it is finished.

weworkforthem : mike cina & mike young. design heroes of mine.

simian : go there. spend alot of time. dig deep. ross mawdsley's work is definetly worth it.

hungryfordesign : nando costa is brilliant. pure motion graphics genius.

extra-oomph : lindA is absolutely one of my favorite artists in the entire world. her personal playground brings me great delight. spent a few hours and soak it in.

tiffany bozic : her work is soooo wonderful. nobody does the human form quite like her.