rednever art : artist, tamas jakab's website. tamas is one of the most talented people i know. he also taught me alot when i was just getting started in this business.

the belfry : artist, a. kathryn wolf's website. also known as batty. i used to work with batty. some of her print work was featured in the design book 800x600, out Feb.20th.2002.

twinesound : site for the idm group twine. 2 very talented musicians that i work with. i'm honestly surprised they're not rock stars on the mtv.

ohio-internet : freelance home of my pal wayne barry. he's canadian, but don't hold that against him.

gsc3d : another talented artist that i used to work with named john lund.

four09 : a very talented group of designers /artists / programmers / musicians.

1300 gallery : michael and marty from 1300 are really great guys...and they run a GREAT gallery. plus, they've been really good to me over the past couple of years. also part of the 1300 family are: derek hess, jakprints and studio amathin.

colin toke : a really talented artist and great guy. we believe we were seperated at birth. he also helps run nimbis other favorite art gallery in cleveland.