as a living, breathing human being...i have opinions on various topics. just as you are entitled to your opinions...i am entitled to mine. that's what makes this world a great place. below are a few of my opinions. if you don't like them or agree with them...that's fine. just don't try to change my mind.


- i just read that a woman is sueing over the super bowl halftime show, in which janet jackson bared her naked breast. this on the same day that they found the body of an 11 year old girl from florida who had been abducted on the same sunday as the super bowl. you've got to be kidding me! get your fucking priorities straight people. it's a boob. it's not the normal murder and violence that we see every day on the local and national news. it's a boob. get over it.

- the united states needs to fix itself, before it fixes other countries. i admire and respect what the u.s. troops do every day...but i don't agree with this war any longer. too many soldiers are dying...and too much money is being spent around the globe.

- to those countries that hate us when we don't help them out, then turn around and want to kill us when we do...FUCK YOU!

- more to come later...